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Abdominal Massage Belt - Menstrual Relief Pad

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The Abdominal Massage Belt is a revolutionary new product that helps to relieve menstrual pain and promote blood circulation.

Using NTC intelligent temperature control, the belt provides a constant stream of heat to the abdominal area, helping to soothe cramps and ease tension.



With three modes of vibration, the massage belt also helps to relax the muscles and provide relief from stress.

How To Cure Menstrual Cramps


Lightweight: The belt was expertly crafted to be small and lightweight, making it a discreet and useful cramp tool. Without taking up too much space, you can keep the period cramp belt with you whenever you need it.

Quiet Design: The quiet design of the menstrual belt allows you to use it when you need relief. Regain peace and comfort while lying in bed or relaxing.

Four-speed Vibration Massage: Four different speed options and three-stage temperature adjustment, you'll enjoy pain relieving benefits that suit your current needs. Simply choose the right temperature level for the results you desire.



Maia Menstrual Relief Pad

Ultimate Pain Relief: The warmest level of heat relieves menstrual pain almost instantly. experience healing warmth for your uterus, waist, stomach, and abdomen. When you are in the most need, the Period Cramps Relief Belt is the answer.

Smooth-flowing Blood Circulation: Promotes smoother blood flow and circulation. Simply choose the temperature level that gets your blood flowing and provides comfort to your body.

Consistent Warmth: Keep the cold away and enjoy a consistent and comfortable warmth. Choose the first level of heat to evoke a seamless, daily warmth. Get back to a pain-free life and not let your time of the month put you behind any longer.

Stop Backache & Lumbar Pain: Heat is known to relieve back and lumbar pain. Use the belt to improve your backache and reduce pains related or not related to your period.


Rechargeable and easy to use, the Abdominal Massage Belt is a must-have for any woman experiencing discomfort during her monthly cycle.



Product Specifications:
Size: 185*85*25mm/7.28*3.34*0.98in
Warm gear: 50/55/60
Color: White/Pink
Charging method: USB cable charging
Material: thickened ABS+ velvet fabric
Charging voltage: 5V

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Abdominal Massage Belt - Menstrual Relief Pad
Abdominal Massage Belt - Menstrual Relief Pad
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