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Audien Atom - Wireless Charging Hearing Aids

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The World’s 1st Wireless Charging Hearing Aids for Less Than $100

Meet the Audien Atom, the most premium, discreet and affordable hearing aids that everyone is talking about.

  •  Superior Sound Quality
  •  Wireless Charging
  •  20 Hour Battery Life
  •  No Hearing Test Required

Hear every word in conversations, without spending thousands of dollars.

Hear Like Never Before — Premium Crystal-Clear Sound

Yes, the Atom is comfortable. Yes, it’s almost invisible. Yes, it lasts all day on a single charge. But most importantly: Atom works.

Thanks to the advanced capabilities of the revolutionary Audien Atom you can now have consistent and superior audio clarity. Hear every word with Atom.

Never Run Out of Sound —
Hold a Charge All Day Long

Never worry about replacing batteries or running out of power. Atom isn’t just powerful — it’s the most convenient and reliable hearing device on the market.

✅ Fast Charging — USB-C
✅ 20+ Hour Battery Life
✅ Wireless Charging — Magnetic Connection
✅ Portable Charging Case — Atom Pro Only

To take things to the next level, the Atom Pro gives you 4 days of charge with the sleek, portable charging case.

Near Invisible Design

The Atom is the smallest hearing aid of its kind. They disappear into the ear canal like magic, so no one will know you’re wearing them. In fact, thanks to the new Comfort+ design, they’re so comfortable that you yourself will forget that you are wearing them.

✅ 22% Smaller — Than The EV1
✅ New Comfort+ Invisible Design

Better Hearing In Seconds

Atom Is Easy To Use


Tune In The Perfect Volume


Insert Atom


Hear Again!

Hassle-Free Hearing

Atom is completely safe for anyone to try, no hearing test or prescription required. 

Simply order online and have them quickly shipped straight to your front door!

His Shocking Discovery About Hearing Aid Prices & Journey to Help His Grandmother

When it came time for his grandmother to wear hearing aids, Atom founder Dylan Garber was shocked at what he discovered.

The average pair of hearing aids cost between $3,000-$5,000… yet only cost around $100 to make. He found that the price inflation was all thanks to the middlemen. From hearing centers and audiologists to sales reps and resellers, everyone inflated the price. He knew something had to be done.

Dylan spent years developing Atom and removing the middleman because he believes that his grandmother, and everyone else, deserves an affordable solution that improves their quality of life. Now Dylan's hearing aids have served as the affordable and effective solution for over 300,000 people and counting.

Atom Engineered Means A Lifetime Of Better Hearing

Superior Atom™ Chip Technology
A single charge lasts 20 to 24 hours!
No middleman means affordable!
Wear Atom all day with ease.

Join The Hundreds of Thousands of People Who Are Taking Their Lives Back With The Atom Hearing Aids

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Audien Atom - Wireless Charging Hearing Aids
Audien Atom - Wireless Charging Hearing Aids
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