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OptiFlix - Vision Care Vitamins & Mineral

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How does Optifix work?

The unique feature of Optifix is its effect on the main causes of vision deterioration. Active natural ingredients have a powerful comprehensive healing effect, eliminating any signs of ocular diseases and protecting from dangerous relapse.

Strengthening the eye muscles
Optifix is responsible for strengthening the muscles themselves, providing enough work to microfibers.

Restoration of the retina
Optifix contains a sufficient concentration of vitamins and carotenoids for effective recovery of the retina.

Normalization of capillary circulation
Optifix normalizes blood vessels and protects them from harmful blood pressure surges.

Protection from excessive strain
protects the eyes from strains under all circumstances and guarantees the safety of the retinal cells.

Natural eye moisturizing
Optifix restores the natural process to keep the eyes moist, protecting the mucosa from drying and from subsequent irritation and redness.

What to expect from Optifix?

You will no longer need glasses to see better near or far away

You can safely work on the computer, without being concerned with deteriorating your eyesight

Your vision will be sharp and you will be able to easily read the street name on the 30m distance

You will get rid of the nagging pain in the eye sockets and forehead, eye fatigue, dryness and other problems

You will no longer have to squint to see the face of approaching people

What causes sudden vision

Weakened eye muscles
Over time, the eye muscles tend to lose strength. Because of this they gradually lose their ability to focus.

Retinal aging
Retinal cells contain light-sensitive pigment, which allows us to see. With age, this pigment is destroyed, and the visual acuity decreases.

Poor circulation
The retina is a very delicate organ and suffers at the slightest circulatory disorders. Any damage to it bears the risk of a dangerous condition.

Retinal cells suffer both from too bright light and the insufficient light conditions.

Dryness of the eyes
The problem, to which only few people pay attention. But over time, the lack of hydration may lead to irreversible consequences.

What makes Optifix so effective?

The secret in Optifix 's success is in its unique collection of highly effective ingredients that have a powerful, comprehensive healing effect, eliminating any signs of ocular diseases and protecting from dangerous relapse.

Lutein and zeaxanthin
The only carotenoids, which are stored in the retina of the eye. Protect the lens from oxidation and help restore visual acuity.

Anthocyanins from blueberry
The main natural defender. Blueberries normalize the fundus blood pressure and capillary blood circulation as well as strengthen the eye muscles.

Linseed oil
Eliminates dry eye syndrome, promotes natural moisturizing of the mucosa. It is also highly effective when dealing with styes and conjunctivitis.

Prevents the detachment of the retina, protects it against strain and natural damage. Reduces the risk of age-related deterioration of vision.

Vitamins A, C, P, B1, B2, B6 and Omega-3
Combined together, they strengthen the retina and slow down the process of natural aging. Prevent multiple eye diseases.

How to use Optifix?

In the box, you will find 20 hard gelatin capsules.
For exellent results, take a capsule daily, best taken in the morning.

Optifix is certified by VMStandard

Meet our Happy clients

Why so many people have already tried Optifix

Mercy Ochieng, 36 years old

Lately I've been noticing some gradual deterioration of my eyesight. If before I could easily see the street signs from the car window, now I have to squint to be able to guess them. I ordered Optifix, since I have no time to see an ophthalmologist. My vision is definitely getting better! I see clearly without any effort, just like a couple of years ago.

Daniel Ali, 25 years old

In no time, my vision went from 1 down to 0.2. Doctors were shocked, and so was I. I was told I have a beginning of cataract. I refused to wear glasses. I began to take Optifix and was followed up by an ophthalmologist on a weekly basis. Тhanks to this thing I was able to recover my normal vision. I find it hard to believe myself, but it's true.

Elizabeth Kamau, 29 years old

My younger sister was suddenly diagnosed with hyperopia. No one would suspect such a problem before!!! Medical care in our country is often useless. People have to rely on themselves. We took the Optifix capsules and now her eyes' acuity is 1.3 dioptre. The risk of developing strabismus is completely eliminated (we went for the full check). We are extremely happy, thank Optifix!





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OptiFlix - Vision Care Vitamins & Mineral
OptiFlix -  Vision Care Vitamins & Mineral

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